Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Been Too Long

"We feel your presence, just not in the physical
All across the globe now blocks are miserable
You left a void there's a lot of little you's
And they're not original
And they're not identical
They just studied your likeness and watched your interviews..."

- Jay-Z

Her legacy is slinkier — immense yet understated, just like her voice. Traces of it lie the way Ciara moved in the video for "Promise." It's there in Rihanna's runway-fashion sense. Keri Hilson's around-the-way persona and Nicole Scherzinger's simmering sexuality share a debt to her. And the sense of what her career could have ultimately become is evident in Beyonce's multimedia presence.
RIP Aaliyah 1.16.79 - 8.25.01

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