Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Andressa Soares VIdeo On The Science Of Her Booty (LOL)

Knowledge, like booty, is power and Andressa is a powerful young lady.

Again, just to state for the record again, Brazil is a glorious place straight out of a never neverland. If I learn to speak Portuguese, I'm done here in America. I love America, love my family and friends, my president, and my way of life but I've got to think about my future. I'd feel like LeBron James after next season. I've got to seriously take a look at where I have a better chance of winning despite my hometown bias. Brazil is too lucrative a place not to jump ship to if given the opportunity. Unless America is bringing in women like Andressa Soares to keep me here I'd have to consider in the strongest possible way making a move.

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