Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday's Woman: MC Lyte

Before people get at me for this pick this week let me clarify two things. One, I pick a diverse group of women every Wednesday and who all are dope in their own ways and you have to respect that even if you don't agree with me or can't take that trip with me mentally that I try and bring you to but you must respect it. Two, this is a bad chick and if you didn’t know that she was MC Lyte and you happened to bump into her on the street, you would swear this was Reagan Gomez.

On top of that, she’s 38 and looks like she’s 28. I mean Lyte is quality. Plus the fact that she’s Hip-Hop royalty is just the cherry on top. I can remember growing up and my older sister had all the female MC tapes. Queens of Rap, Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa, Roxanne all of them but for some reason MC Lyte was the one that always stood out to me as the nicest looking one. Plus I’ll be damned if “Poor Georgey” wasn’t her favorite song outside of “Push It” so really I had no choice as to being exposed to her. Now that was in the late 80’s, early early 90’s mind you and she’s 38 now so that was like 20 years ago. You know when you’re younger all the things you imagine you’d do if you were rich (Funny how rich people don’t sit and think about and plan out things they’d do if they were broke, LOL)? Well I knew that once I came up on a few mill I was getting at MC Lyte. Well 20 years later, a non-Scrooge McDuck number in my bank account, I don’t care I still want this woman, lol. Don’t get me wrong I don’t love her music now at all, but her looks are classy and she carries herself very well in a manner that’s attractive to me.

In closing….

Would I buy her album and bang it? No
Would I buy her dinner and bang her? Yes

Not to be too crass. But seriously, I wouldn’t mind running into her getting her on some Andre 3000 stuff…

“……here’s my name and num(ber)
If I ain’t the one
Lose it
If I am
use it”

I figure she’d appreciate that kind of Hip-Hop approach. *shrugs*

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