Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meghan McCain Finds It Hard To Date Post-2008 Campaign

John McCain's daughter Meghan opened up about her post-election love life -- or lack thereof -- in a blog post for The Daily Beast. "The election killed my personal life," McCain wrote. "OK, maybe killed is a bit of an exaggeration. But it does seem to be on life support."
The 24-year-old Columbia University graduate said, "Nothing kills my libido quite like discussing politics."And it's not just supporters of her dad's former rival, Barack Obama, who turn her off, but also those who voted for her father. "When it comes to my personal life, I don't want to date someone who idolizes my dad."
McCain said she can't escape the election when she's out on a date. She once dated someone who said the food she ordered "was a 'maverick choice' and proceeded to tell me, 'Wow, straight talking must run in the family.'"
Anyone that follows this blog for more than five minutes knows about my now famous Kindergarten Crush on John McCain's daughter Meghan who if we're putting our cards on the table was the one person you might actually feel bad for on the Republican side of the aisle after the election because while she says her and her dad don't see eye to eye on numerous political ideas at base she is a human being and she loves her father and whatever people think about McCain's politics he is someone's family and that ought to count.

Now let me make it perfectly clear I am NOT sorry her father lost the campaign at all. I'm sorry for any hurt feelings the rigors of a tough campaign might have revealed to her at the end of the election. Now that said, even though I like Meghan I can see why men might be reluctant to approach her. First off she's an ivy league grad. Secondly, her family's getting "arab money", LOL. Third off her dad is John Friggin' McCain. You're not going to measure up to her dad. Most women put ridiculous standards that guys have to meet before they take them seriously and unless you too have a similar degree of education, finances or can pull as an impressive array of familial lineage you probably have no shot with Meghan. I could be wrong. As a matter of fact, I HOPE I'm wrong because this woman is fine and if I bumped into her in some capacity in the forseeable future granting we were single I'd like to think I'd have a chance.
Anyway this whole story goes to show you never can tell.

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