Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let Me Acks You A Question

Why is it when black people commit robberies that what they're wearing is hardly discernible from what they'd be wearing at home, in any other public setting or what they'd put on when they'd go clubbing? I mean isn't robbery supposed to be secret? Don't you want to protect your identity? If you rob someone your goal should be to look less like Michael Jordan and more like Michael Myers. You do want to actually throw the dogs off the scent don't you? You want to look more like the cat that works underneath your car at Jiffy Lube when they service it than the guy who pays for the oil changes and who usually sits in the driver's seat of your car and drives it to and from work and adjusts the rear view mirror to the level that you can see out of and fixes the seat and steering wheel to the most comfortable level for you. If you haven't figured out this unidentified cat, it's you.

Why do our people do things like this? Not that I'm condoning the robbery in the first place but the execution of it is just sad.

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