Thursday, March 12, 2009

The 50 Worst Lil Wayne Lines [Examining The So-Called Best Rapper Alive]

[Editor's Note: This is a weak man on the microphone, ladies and gents and it takes a strong man who loves hip-hop and loves His Aura Was Orange to put as much time and dedication and endure things no man ought endure, like listen to Dwayne Carter's songs and lyrics to show you how much this guy truly sucks. All I ask in return is that you hear me out or at least consider the facts that I've painstakingly amassed and tell me at the conclusion whether I'm justified in what i say or I'm clinically insane. That is all.]

Wayne is the biggest bullshit artist, product of an extremely weak era ass rapper it's ridiculous. He forces so much garbage that either makes little sense, no sense at all or just has no thought or cleverness to it's basic second grade simplicity. He cheapens metaphors in a way that I've only seen Fabolous do. I cringe every time I see his Spike from Gremlins face or hear his prepubescent voice getting ready to murder (in the bad way) a song. He's as deep as a YMCA kiddie pool.

On top of all that this dude is way too cocky and his fans are way too vocal about him to hide under the "his words being overanalyzed" defense. Wayne walks around thinking, being purported and all but declaring he's the best and if that's the argument him and people in his flock care to make then him getting his ass torn to shreds by people here and elsewhere who've heard and lived in eras where his dribble wouldn't have passed the smell test is justifiable. If he didn't have this self-important attitude and cockiness than he wouldn't leave himself open to this kind of criticism but when he calls himself 'the best rapper alive' then he deserves the scrutiny and he's not just rapping for fun and in a light hearted manner and we should all who consider ourselves true fans of the genre take off the kiddie gloves when dealing with him. That's the difference between him and Nore and a lot of these other rappers who we've dedicated threads with naming their most ridiculous quotes. Those rappers don't take themselves all that serious for the most part. Especially Nore. Noreaga is a fun-loving dude who isn't making the sales pitch that he's the savior of hip-hop and so I think it's off base to look at him with that degree of criticism over his works. He clearly isn't trying. He's just going through the motion to appeal to the largest common denominator as far as musical audiences.

For comparative purposes, I hate 2Pac but he had tons more depth to his best works than Wayne. He had a self-anointing style too but at his best you could tell he was super-intelligent, thoughtful, articulate and he didn't force NEARLY as much as Wayne and so you can excuse some of his vanity. That's not to say he didn't have just as an annoying a flock as Wayne does but you could take them a little more serious because 2Pac had more credibility as a pure artist than Wayne. It's evident 2Pac had more talent than Wayne has and that 2Pac deserves more reverence than this low talent hack from Louisiana.

Again don't get me wrong, if you take away the buzz and the arrogant swagger of Wayne and you put him in the same character as someone more affable and less self-involved it'd be a different story. But when you put him up as a great of his time (which for all purposes is a very talent depleted era in Hip-Hop), fair or unfair, you then have to have him survive the test of comparing him to other greats of other eras and there's no way you can put his ass up there with other greats of other stronger eras of Hip-Hop. It's just not a credible case. The fact that this is even arguable shows that Jesus died in vain.

To be great the percentage of great lines to bad ones ought to be pretty high to pretty low and Wayne's as a whole is probably under .500. The content of your music must be substantive to be considered great and nothing sticks when you've heard a Wayne mixtape or album if you're judging it with any objectivity. He's not what Hio-Hop needs, he's just what Hip-Hop is stuck with until Hip-Hop navigates itself out of the wilderness it finds itself in.

Contrary to popular opinion, Lil Wayne is absolutely unequivocally abysmal and I aim to prove within 50 of his wackest lines the very point.

If you aren't convinced after reading some of these than perhaps I'll update the list down the line with 50 more and so on and so forth until you are convinced that this guy is as much a contender for the crown as the Cincinnati Bengals will be this fall....

The 50 Worst, Most Forced, Most Non-Sensical, Idiotic Things Wayne Has Said In His Career:

"Now where ya hoe at
Wipe ya feet on the doormat
I'ma bring the N.O. Back Like a nigga with no back"

"get girls wet like backs"

"I'm hot like dogs"

"My girl is prego [pregnant] but I don't want it, so I'll cut it out like Joey Gladstone"

"I got a bitch with me I call her miss without draws I go to the bank they call me mr withdraws"

"like the number after 1 I'mma get me 2"

"Baby I'm an acrobat. Sweetie, I'm a stuntdevil.
You can't get on my level 'cause I am so unleveled"

"Check my bio, I started high with 2 Oz, Just like Ohio"

"your like a bitch with no ass you aint got shit"

"I'm just trying to let my hair back,
and chill where cant see air at, ya hear that. champagne clear liquor put that beer back, i got work so cheap its on sears racks."

"I'm in the hood - I'm butta on bread like parkay and I'm all about me like Do Re"

"what are you asking, if i don't have the answer
it's probably on the web, like I'm a damn tarantula"

"speeding like a cop behind me, tryna catch-up with this girl like some 57 heinz"

"I tell my girl when you fuck me better fuck me good cos if another girl could she go fuck me good"

"I'm from the jungle when a lion eat a cobra
and I get money, got no "moneyphobia"

"even when I'm laying on my back I'm never backing down"

"i got old money, could'a bought a dinosaur"

"And I'm gonna be with my dogs like Goof Troop...Money over female dogs bitch roof roof"

"coke transactions over the phone, we call them blowjobs"

"being fake is pussy so nigga I'm a virgin"

"I'm a pill popping' animal, syrup sipping nigga I'm so high you couldn't reach me with a fuckin antenna"

"I'm a minute passed pissed and its about to get shitty."

"I always thought I was fly like I had a pigeon on my back."

"Sicker than the 3rd floor of the hospital."

"My flow is sicker than a patient that is HIV Positive."

"I'm wearing white mink like I'm polar bear"

"Her head is crazy so she's insane."

"You can't see me...Ray Charles."

"her toes smelling mint like tic tacs"

"I'm fly like Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Bee-tle-juice."

"Better rapper than what covers your candy"

"told a bitch whore hey like the catcher for the Yankees"

"I'm not only hot like stove, but I also cook like it's cousin, oven"

"Shoot a nigga in his thigh and leg and tell him catch up like Mayonnaise"

"a bitch is a female dog and a dog is a man's best friend"

"and i know this world is cold and deceiving but i keep my head up like my nose is bleeding"

"bitch I'm the bomb like tick tick"

"Put me on 4th and long because u know how Wayne kick it"

"One finger up and I'm out, cuz you ain't even worth two"

"I don't know how you love her I wish I never knew her she only gave me brain she was just another tutor"

"I call them April babies cuz they fools"

"I get my cheese like Mickey Mouse so you better donald duck!"

"Boy I'm sitting on green like piss in the grass"

".....after I'm done with this track its gonna need a couple bandages"

"I don't know karate but after the brain I kick you out"

"It's like the beat was screaming murder me...And I'm a murderer...So I murdered it"

"And Me I'm Still Spitting Like A Retard
And These Niggas Soft They Should Be Rapping In Leotards"

"hold on this beat is retarded, so I'ma go short yellow bus flow, and take ya heart like February 1- 4"

"I'm hot too, baby girl I'm soup"

"My flows crazy! I ain't too sane...but I am the shit and they just poop stains.."

"I know the game is crazy its more crazy then its ever been, I'm married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federline"

"I'm so motherfucking high, I could eat a star"

I rest my case now. You be the judge


Anonymous said...

i completely agree that wayne is wayyy over rated... i really do not understand how all these people sit here and put wayne on a pedestal like hes some rap lyrical genuis... i guess its just that half this world is full of dumb people.. how can u honestly sit there and say his lines are amazing ..10 year olds can write what he writes.. u people need to hear people like lupe fiasco who is way underrated... people say his shit is wack only because he is on a level that morons cannot understand...he makes u think about what he just said then after the 4th time of listening to it ur just like wow... lupe fiasco enemy of the state mixtape... too sick

Christian said...

I completely agree with everything you say. Everything Lil Wayne says is intelligible or nonsensical.

Only if his fans see what we do.

Anonymous said...

you guys are retarted
wayne's the best there is
he's not retarted and how you gunna say a 10 year old can write that

Anonymous said...

Last guy to post is a dip shit.

And as for Lil Wayne, if he isn't mentally retarded, he needs to be shot. There is no excuse for something that fucking stupid if he isn't mentally retarded.

Anonymous said...

I AGREE! Like... Drake i can deal with, he isn't half bad. But lil wayne is just.. ugh.. lol and in his music videos his black sun glasses are weird cuz they have circles in them, like look in the music video 4 my town, or money to blow.

Anonymous said...

MAN LIL WAYNE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABORTED FROM HIP HOP LONG AGO WOW MAN PEOPLE IRRITATE ME WITH THIS NIGGA JUST WANNA THROW UP WEN I SEE HIM WHERE THAT SHIRT I AM HIP HOP WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get the hell outta here u should b in jail not for those guns but assiting the death of hip hop

Dolores Wilkinson said...

i like how the only way wayne fans ever defend him is "nawww yall are lames weezys da greatest evaaaaaa" and have absolutely nothing to back it up with

Anonymous said...

you forgot my favorite worst line ever:

My picture should be in the dictionary
Next to the definition of definition
Because repetition is the father of learnin

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this. I am showing this to every wayne fan i can find.

Anonymous said...

haters smh lol sad to see yall hate on some1 like this.. its getting old that you guys hate cuz hes more popular than ur favorite rapper

Matthew said...

Lil Wayne's fans are as dumb as he is. Let's gradumicate from middle school first, okay guys? At least that way your posts defending him are comprehensible. What an embarrassment to lyricists everywhere.

Anonymous said...

If you hate him, don't listen. SOME of these 50 made perfect sense but I definitely get your point. Wayne isn't trash though. On TV and in my car Weezy is acceptable. On my iPod, I need J. Cole, Wale, CuDi, Lupe, Pac Div, etc.

Anonymous said...

lil wayne is def garbage! there is a misconnect, because lots of people dont really have a good grasp on rap.. He is a "word play" emcee, number one.. you cant compare him to an emcee who doesnt do word play, and say hes more clever. I see alot of people do that. he starts his rhymes with he does this .. Like...
and he ends it with i do this.. LIke..
his whole entire rhyme is based on word play. and rarley does he get a clean punchline off. And people have no measuring stick of a good punch line and a crappy one any more. So lots of people dont understand why his lines suck.
for example catch up like mayo- nase or how ever he said it.. would def pass in a freestyle off the top of the doam. but understand that is not a good punchline. it is not a clean punchline. Its actually more of an example of a failed attempt at a punchline.... hes just not a good writer. and it says ALOT about the masses, that they quote him all over there social net working sites like he is a wordsmith.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, Lil Wayne is FUCKING horrible. Like really, how is this TRASH popular? People need to fucking learn what "rap" is, because this asshole sure as hell aint the "best alive." Peel your ears off the radio and your eyes off MTV for a second, and discover what good fucking rap and hip-hop is.

Anonymous said...

yea some of these lines sound retarded...and so simple...but thats what makes wayne a genius...if you were too look at 95% of these lyrics in context to the song they come from...they make complete sense...yea you take one line out of a song and it sounds retarded...but thats why its in the song you dumbasses..yea hes nowhere near the best ever...but he is out of his mind silly

Anonymous said...

Wayne is garbage, and his fans are fucking retards. Lupe fiasco, Aesop rock, Mf doom, deltron 3030, Big L, wu tang clan, jedi mind tricks, brother ali and atmosphere are 300 times better yet none of them get the recognition they deserve and i swear to god any weezy fan says "you're just mad cause hes more famous then your rapper" no m not im made cause a nigga as deep as a kiddy pool wit no flow wordplay punchlines or lyrics is idolized by retarded fuckheads like you that know nothing about hip hop, quit listening to the radio faggot.

Anonymous said...

Good article for the most part. Lil' Wayne is whack as hell. It makes me sad to think about the millions of people who like his music. The title should be (The self proclaimed best rapper alive). I also disagree with some of your comments. Fabolous actually had some really good punch lines especially on his first album. Also you don't like 2pac? WTF? You kinda just sound like a hater. But in the end Lil' Wayne is the worst rapper alive.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused-do you not understand some of the lines or something? Now, I'm not going to pretend that everything the man says is coherent-that's just idiotic. However, what exactly is wrong with the line "Put me on 4th and long because u know how Wayne kick it"? That's actually some very clever wordplay.

Anonymous said...

If you take him for what he is, he is pretty amusing. Could'nt help but laugh out loud at at least half of these lines.

Anonymous said...

Are these really the lines of a man who claims to be the best rapper alive? Do his fans see this? If so, how can they go about still saying lil Wayne is the best?

Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne "worst rapper alive" period. "you dont need a bus pass you need to bust yo ass"

Anonymous said...

you hit the nail on the head about Wayne dudes is garbage and most of his fans are the young ass mafuckaz who are to young 2 have had the benefit of real rappers during it's golden years so they're stuck with him and all the other wack ass rappers out there 2day on the other hand you were wrong about the Bengals LOL cuz they are playoff contenders after all

Anonymous said...

Four words: Lil Wayne Fucking Sucks.

Anonymous said...

This niggas a fag. He dnt like Pac he dnt like weezy but I bet he likes lames like common n all those other east coast story tellin fagots. Nigga ur a bitch ass mark if u can write sumthin better let's hear it, otherwise shut ur bitch ass up

Anonymous said...

LOLing at this whole page. Wayne fans have the IQ of my mentally retarded brother. If you can honestly think Wayne is a good rapper u have 0% chance of passing even a simple literacy test. that being said some wayne fans probably tried to comment on this but could not pass the test that proves u r a human by typing in the letters. what a fucking joke!

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed. Not only is he not the best rapper ever, he's an easy contender for worst ever. Anyone who disagrees is just as much of mindless idiot as he is. He's completely worthless as a "musician" and everything he's ever been involved with is trash that's not even worth burning. Same with his fans. Trash that's not worth burning.

Anonymous said...

Dude most of those are puns and metaphors, if you don't get them then don't listen to lil Wayne, just because he's popular and your favorite rapper is not then don't hate, his existence isn't gonna make your rapper any worse so why complain?

Anonymous said...

Up on the studio
Me nd my drank
Leave me alone be
nd let me do my thing
Thinking bout a certain
certain somebody
A perfect sumbody
Sexy purple body
she got service on curves
And highway eyes
The road to her soul?
just follow the road signs
And Holla if you hear me
I love it when she's near me
I hate whn shes away
let satan see the day
That hell freeze over
before I let Hér go
And let one of you Bitch NIGGAS
get her? No no no
You dont know how to treat her
You dn't know that I need her
Do you know that I need ya?
kus baby right now it feels
like the whole world is against me...
ever since the death of pimp c....
Fuck you haters, not evry rapper makes all perfect songs, but this is my all-time fave :D

Anonymous said...

Honestly i still like lil waynes old songs befor he sold out and made cash money. i do agree he is overrated but all of you calling lil wayne fans uneducated or retarded are really honestly immature. Not everyone going to have the same taste in music.So why bother going trough all the trouble even caring. if you dont like something simply don't pay attention and your pathetic life will be better. to each their own as they say

Musafir said...

Lil Wayne quotes are popular for their undeniable trueness and are used by a lot of people when they want to describe different situations of life.

Faith Allen said...

some people may not be fond of Lil Wayne but he made me curious about him with his quote:
"Love is like a rubber band,
Both pull on, one release
And it hurts the person who has held it."
I think that's one of the best Lil Wayne quotes, well, just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

most people that enjoy all aspects of rap can see his lyrical skills are just bad and average at best and his fans are in denial about it or lil wayne is the only rapper they listen to so when lil wayne says he is the best rapper alive, they believe him, it's like he barely puts any effort in his lyrics, why would you wanna listen to a rapper that doesnt even care about his lyrics if he doesnt care about the most important part he certainly doesnt care about his fans. rap artist more like con artist and his fans are victims with stockholm syndrome. he says he likes being misunderstood, his fans are the only people misunderstood thats how he makes his money by confusing fans, and the rest of us can see right through the bullshit. how do you think most millionares make their money? if u think its honesty that is hilarious, try lie, cheat, and steal think about it, they are the best at it. and btw for those of you who think he should be shot, someone did shoot him when he was young..oh yeah thats right he shot himself lol.---shayne h

Anonymous said...

to the comment above by faith, it went longer then i thought but its not easy explaining true love.

this line is problematic like most of his lines -

"Love is like a rubber band,
Both pull on, one release
And it hurts the person who has held it."

love in a relationship with two partners is unconditional and ever-lasting if you have experienced real love then you know that already, and you wont even need the rubberband. if you have to question your partners love for you then they dont truely love you, and if you love someone that doesnt love you then you dont truely love that person like you may think, real love happens together as a pair simultaneously and will cause two seperate connections to come together as one unbreakable bond and at this point you will both know it is true love and its forever without the need to question it.

so the person that releases the rubberband they never really loved that person anyway making the "love rubberband" non-existant, so you need both people to be in love for the rubberband to exist but if your both in real love then there is no need for the rubberband cuz it will never be released.

making sure the relationship of both partners is on the same level is key and if thats easy for you and your partner then you may have found a good match and no matter what happens you will both feel the same, it should never be uneven if it is then your on your way to disappointment. boi...

Anonymous said...

Alright Time To Set These Un-Educated Idiots Straight Lil Wayne Is Most Certainly The Best Rapper Alive, Alive Meaning Breathing For You Hating Morons Lil Waynes Wordplay Is Un-matched And To Conclude For Everyone Who Says He Is The Worst You Still Go On Youtube And Listen And You Still Purchase Albums So Good Day Tunechi!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Hahah You Lil Wayne Haters Are Hilarious While He Is Probably Having Sex With A Super Model You Guys Gather Up And Hate On Him Search Up "places to hate on lil wayne" He Sells Millions Of Copys The First Week He Gets Recognition From Artists You Love So Very Much As The Best Rapper Alive His Wordplay Is Um-Matched And His "Annoying voice" "Idiotic Image" Would Probably Hook Your Wife Or Gf Just By Simply Tellig Her too Bye

Anonymous said...

I have only ever heard his name, that shit doesnt even make the radar blip.
And glad you pulled out these lines, to confirm what i already guessed about the little shit.
Wow, even my reply in this blog is more credible than him, hahaha

Anonymous said...

i dont understand where lil wayne comes up with all of this but he needs to fine better metaphors and insults.

Anonymous said...

Brainwashed!! Wayne fans will never know what they are missing in this rap game, listening to his garbage closes their mind to everything else, it is called mainstream media they would rather turn on their radio, or go buy the albums of the songs they hear in clubs rather then experience the rap game the way it should be and is once you turn off the garbage that is peddled to us on the radio and shit, they will never see it because they have closed their minds and walk as sheep they are being controlled and told what to like, which is why someone who doesn't fall for that bullshit can't understand why they would like it

Wayne is shit check some real shit, actually has a wayne lookalike in the video that they kidnap and spit real flows in his face while he is tied to a chair

Anonymous said...

Ok.. in ONLY with Nikki Minaj.. Waynes whole segment is absolute GARBAGE!! spoils a song that starts off lyriclly bold.. edgy hook.. and makes it end with a WHap Whauuuump...!

Lets take a look..

"I never fucked Nicki and that's fucked up, if I did fuck she'd be fucked up"
... really.. your gonna rhyme F'ed up... with F'ed up.. (1st grader witha potty mouth stuff)

That's another story, I'm no story teller, I piss greatness like gold is yellow.
... you're promising a story later..buuut your not a story teller... really.
.. and you know what else is yellow but not great.. PISS! actual PISS!! So congrats everyone.. we are all great!

All my goons, so overzealous, I'm from Hollygrove, the holy Mecca
... Does he know what the holy Mecca REALLY is?? damn near blasphemous.

My eyes are so bright, I take cover for shade

Don't have my money? I take mothers instead

You got the hiccups, you swallowed the truth

ok.. what does one line have to do with the other?? it goes on like this the whole way.. no lead up.. no glue.. no flow! And why take your moms money.. Is that the definition of Young Money?

"Then I make you burp, boy, treat beef like sirloin

I'm talkin' bout runnin' in houses, with army guns

So think about your son and daughter rooms"

Uhh.. hiccups ..beef.. then suddenly army guns.. and then sons and daughters rooms.... ??
Remember this song is about fucking Nikki Minaj.. or anyone else (BBW in Dre's case.) but he goes from story telly to Mecca to Guns and Hiccups and kids rooms...

People ..Please.. Just grow up.. cause you know what.. he's getting rich while you all buy his toilet matter.

Anonymous said...

And if that bitch bitch is crazy
Believe me i will sue her
Got some hungry ass lawyers
That would eat her up and chew her
I dont know why you love her
I wish i never knew her
She only give me brain
She was just another tutor
She blow my whole band
I was just another tuba
Now get off my dick
And get lost in aruba
Its money over bitches
Cash money over bitches
Young money over bitches
Get money from them bitches
I do!
wayne is dope as fuck better than yal hatin asses yeah he say some dumb shit sometimes but who doesnt u gotta hear the song to know fr

Anonymous said...

I actually use Lil Wayne as a test to see if people know hip hop. People who know nothing like him. People who know a bit, but think they know a lot hate him. People who know a lot respect him. BM JR on Tha Carter...start with that and listen and rap genius his shit till you decide to shut the fuck up with this ignorant criticism.

Anonymous said...

I wish the OP would post the name of the songs these quotes came from. I'm willing to bet a lot of them make significantly more sense when taken in context. I personally really enjoy Lil Wayne's wordplay, but I do think music enjoyment is a very individual experience. There are plenty of clever artists whose sound I just don't enjoy, and I don't believe I need to explain myself beyond that. I think people should spend there time honing in on their personal musical tastes instead of putting down other people for their music taste. It really is pretty pathetic in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The lyrical villain MC killing blood spillin fillin the stage filled with rage when the skilled get overlooked for someone like Lil Wayne like the fuck is going on in peoples brain he's dumbing you down like the rest of these overrated clowns come on now

Anonymous said...

The lyrical villain MC killing blood spillin fillin the stage filled with rage when the skilled get overlooked for someone like Lil Wayne like the fuck is going on in peoples brain he's dumbing you down like the rest of these overrated clowns come on now

Anonymous said...

"Suck a nigga dick for an iphone 6"

Unknown said...

I hate how some idiots think Lil Wayne is one of them just because they can't understand his wordplay medaphors similes and all that doesn't mean Lil Wayne isn't as clever as he's proven to be in interviews and in songs

Shhh said...

Lil Wayne is my favorite rapper and i've never said Lil Wayne was the greatest but he isn't garbage either. It's not Lil Wayne's fault some people think his lyrics are stupid because they can't tell apart a shit rapper from a nigga with clever wordplay.Other respected rappers in the rap game can tell he's good at what he does so all that adds to my point being Lil Wayne is misunderstood.People hate on him because they can't see the prospective he wrote his songs with.

Shhh said...

He wasn't wrong when he said repetition makes you memorise something so how is that part stupid

Shhh said...

If that person is a real Wayne fan they probably explained the medaphors similes and wordplay to you.

Shhh said...


Shhh said...

Yeah "but I ain't telling jokes aperently"

Shhh said...

Holy shit real talk

Shhh said...

That's not very good logic or funny.Take this statement from a Lil' Wayne fan that has better grammar(by the way how ironic that you said Lil Wayne fans can't pass"a simple literacy test")than you.Good or bad is mostly an option of people(as shown in these sircumstanses) Therefore saying Lil Wayne is a bad rapper isn't a appropriate statement.So how can you say Lil Wayne is bad when you can't even sell or why would you take time to hate on Wayne when you're too lazy to spell correctly.Here's a appropriate statement for you next time you want to express your opinion "In my opinion lil wayne is far off the adequate definition of a rapper and shouldn't be taken seriously(if you're hating on him you're taking him seriously just saying)"

Shhh said...

Yeah and wordplay

Shhh said...

Shhh asshole

small said...

People talks about how Hopsin is corny but give a a pass to Lil Wayne corny punchlines

Anonymous said...

Please there's nothing ' deep' or 'clever' about his wordplay anybody could come up with weak shit like that.