Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday's Woman: Cassie Ventura

Today's lady needs no real introduction. She's probably a B-Lister in most music circles but even still she's eating food and drinking champaign and rubbing elbows with other famous people in places that we're not invited so, that's moot. Anyway, she's fine. Diddy won. This is a step up from Kim Porter who just about nobody I knew found all that dope in the first place. Maybe she can tell a good joke, or she's a entertaining person or perhaps she has a great personality, you know something that the public and cameras aren't capturing or you and I aren't privy to but I'm not getting how if you're Diddy you have to settle for Kim for so long. Anyway, somebody must have slapped him up or something and woke him up out that slumber he's been in because next to signing Biggie and Nicole Scherzinger, this was one of the better looks for him in his illustrious career. I certainly tip my hat(e) to you Sean Combs. Now let's all enjoy that arm candy he's rocking at the present time and let the beat ride out on this post...

'Now that's how you let the beat build beeeeyitch.'

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