Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Debunking the "Media Hearts Obama" Myth

If you've been following the news over the last month then in between the media ignoring McCain's speaking errors and mistakes you might have heard the conservative rumbling that the mainstream media has a kindergarten crush on Obama. Anyone with a brain know thats flatly rubbish but if you need proof the media rolls with McCain too, just enjoy this lovely family reunion style barbecue McCain throws at his home and how the big bad media shows up, giggles, brings flowers for McCain's wife and spoons with him:

Disgusting. Looking like little boys at Michael Jackson's Never NeverLand. These are so-called serious unbiased journalists or at least supposed to be.

Among the present guests:
Dana Bash,CNN; Washington Post reporter Michael Shear; Reuters' Jeff Mason; CBS's Dante Higgins; Newsweek's Holly Bailey; Libby Copeland Washington Post Staff Writer; Joseph Curl, THE WASHINGTON TIMES; Dan Nowicki , The Arizona Republic; Scott Orr, Newark Star-Ledger; Michael Cooper; Kelly Shannon, AP; Politico's Jonathan Martin; Laura Meckler, WSJ; Ana Marie Cox, TIME; Gerald Herbert, AP; Khue Bui, Newsweek; Libby Quaid - AP; Jill Zuckman - Chicago Tribune; Sasha Issenberg - Boston Globe; Adam Aigner - NBC; Mosheh Oinounou - FOX; Brett Hovell - ABC; Tasha Diakides, CNN ; Evan Glass , CNN ; David Jackson USA Today; Steve Hayes, Weekly Standard
I highlighted all the serious reporters and left the Fox News and Weekly Standard writes be as they're family to Republicans and not to be taken seriously anyway.

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