Thursday, July 17, 2008

Batman Was The Blackest Of All White Superheros

I always identified more w/ Batman.

He seemed Blacker than the rest even if he was technically white. [Luckily for me I won't let a little thing called facts interfere with this post]

He was almost like Bill Clinton or RFK that way. Batman had all the swagger Superman & Spiderman never did. Even his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, was gullier than Peter Parker & Clark Kent. You could imagine a younger Bruce giving nerdy ass Peter parker a swirly or taking his cupcakes or Bruce leaving the club with Lois Lane on some 'Don't bring your girl to the club if you want to leave with her, dog' shit.

Batman was the introverted, superhero split down the middle. Stuck between two words, similar to the African-American experience. He wasn't mainstream w/ his at all. Batman was underground. Not to say he wasn't heavy in the streets. Niggas knew not to fuck with him but Batman was more comfortable in the cave than at the mall.

Lastly, Spiderman got around on web, Superman got around with a cape and Batman got around in the Batmobile. You tell me whose most baller? And theme music, please! Don't even go there. Superman had that old school, standard brass band from the 40's, Spiderman didn't even have theme music, he's a fucking spider! A Spider's soundtrack is the sound of a size 12 Timberland stomping his ass against the hardwood. Batman though? Batman had Prince providing his soundtrack.

So there you have it. Incentive from the black community and a personal cosign from me, THS of hisaurawasorange campaigning on behalf of all real niggas everywhere to go see The Dark Knight this weekend. It really promises to be a decent movie. Not that anyone is or should be on the fence about seeing this flick as the buzz for it has been deafening leading up to this week. But go see it, support one of your own. Batman was black to me, damnit!

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