Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday's Woman: Teairra Marie

Count me among the crowd that never really understood all the hate for Teairra Marie. Everytime I heard/hear somebody say something bad about her singing or her attitude or whatever else my reaction is always the same:


Because to me there were always worse offenders in teenage bubble gum music than her. Way worse. I mean you're talking about a guy whose lived through some pretty awful music periods. Kelly Osbourne, Ashlee Simpson, Lil Mama, JoJo and you're hissing at Teairra Marie? I'm saying though, at least she can sing. At least she is pretty cute (and LEGAL!). Always struck me as a double standard to say she sucks but turn around and have Rihanna (the yoddler aka Female John Legend)on your iPod. How lame. Granted I'm not the preferred demographic for any of the record producers and bigwigs trying to package this music for mass consumption but it's all the same at the end of the day. The subject matter, the media blitzes, the formulas and the packaging are pretty much all practiced by all of them but for some reason Teairra Marie gets all the hate?


As talented and probably more so, as fine and probably more so than your average former teeny bopper and somehow became taboo because Jay-Z waived his hand? Let me tell you something, Rihanna is not the end all be all. Her songs are almost always annoying. She has a big forhead and her vanity is undeserved. I just don't get it (and probably shouldn't at my age) but such is the fickle nature of the pop music game which is why I don't and haven't consumed MTV pre-10PM programming since 2000.

But if I see more of Teairra Marie I just might have to. She looks good, has an album coming this year and if I get my way I probably might be watching more MTV (cringe) or worse *gulp* BET (cringe harder) but for all the right reasons.


eastbayhustler said...

Definitely a cutie. Always thought she had that girl next door kind of vibe a'la Christina Milian or Tatyana Ali. What's funny is the three of their music careers never fully took off. Here's to hoping Ms. Marie has a successful '09.

The Honorable 'Sass said...

Agreed, I'll drink to that.