Thursday, January 15, 2009

Song Of The Day: P.Genz "I Still Love H.E.R"

My man sent me this song the other day and I let it play and downloaded and then I proceeded to let it play some more and some more and some more and I have to be very honest, it's a pretty good song. So much so, that I feel that it really warrants you all to download it, not to show some support because I'm asking for it, but because it's a pretty good song and I think you'll be pleased if you check my mans out. Coming out of NJ, the future of Hip-Hop Young Genz (and I don't even post Hip-Hop here so that's how you know I co-sign this). Check out the song and if you're so inclined please check out my man's myspace page too for more info and upcoming music.


Ingrid said...

Good lookin out Sass!

The Honorable 'Sass said...

You're very welcome, Ingrid.

Thank you for checking my friend's music. I'm certain he appreciates it.