Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who Would Be The Two Players From Each Team On NBA Jam Right Now?

Now I stole this from another site but it's a pretty interesting concept. I mean everybody's played NBA Jam before where you have the two best players for each NBA team play 2-on-2 against each other in a cartoonish flashy style. It was always the teams two best players though every year in 90's that they used with the exception of Michael Jordan because he didn't allow his image or likeness to be replicated for these sorts of games. My question for you to ponder is, is this list about right for today's players and stars?


A couple teams have many great players and others don't have any really so it's tough for both types of teams but there are a lot of easy decision teams like L.A and Dallas. Anyways, it's something worth pondering.

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