Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday's Woman: Dominika Cibulkova

I am about to say something that I would have thought unfathomable five years ago. Something that my blackness might not have permitted me to form the words in my mouth to say it. Ready? Here goes:

Serena Williams is not the hottest tennis player. Not by a long shot. In fact when you measure her against Wednesday's Woman you will see why. It's like comparing the cassette player to the iPod. Really it is. We had a good run Serena but we've both moved on. You're seeing Hollywood now and I'm seeing Serbia. I've got the Eastern European fever now...and with good reason. If you're familiar with the Pepsi challenge then take my similar less renown Cibulkova challenge. Look at this woman and enjoy the enclosed 20 pictures and tell me you don't prefer Cibulkova to Williams. Honestly Cibulkova > any woman in tennis right now. Only Ivanovic would be a reasonable alternate answer. So enjoy this if you know her already and thank me if you don't but in time she'll be a household name and when she is you can say His Aura Was Orange played a small small role. Her looks and her game did the rest.

Don't even know what's going on here but I'm not mad at it...

Yes she does dig brothers too as evidenced by this pic of her boyfriend last year (brownie points scored although her bar is quite low apparently)

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