Saturday, December 19, 2009

In Memoriam: Chris "Slim" Henry

Skip to 26:45 for a lighter more fonder memory from the past involving Chad OchoCinco and Chris Henry discussing whether there was a women in this world they've be willing to stay with because of her beauty if she cheated on them. You'll smile. As I said though just drag the time tracker to the 26:45 minute mark to go immediately to the part I'm talking about.

Anyway, I've avoided speaking on the issue because I wanted to find out some more details before inserting my thoughts on the matter and prematurely being proven an idiot or otherwise after new details began to emerge. So after finding out the particulars concerning the incident I had a feeling it would be something like this in the end but again it was naive to speculate too far into the matter earlier this week.

Chris was young and in love and handled an argument in an immature fashion that ultimately cost him his life. It had nothing to do with thuggery or his past arrests, but rather just a thoughtless moment of passion. He might have been just pulling a stunt like jumping in the back of his girlfriend's truck as a ploy to get her come to a halt so they could talk and just stumbled off the back of the truck accidentally or he might have jumped. Who really knows and at this point what does it matter? From everything I know about him on a local level and from everything the whole country knows he wasn't necessarily a bad guy. I think 'troubled' fits better. Just a talented man who led a troubled life. Not unlike other famous stars in other walks of life who've passed too soon and led troubled lives as in their limited time here. You don't need me to list names as examples as the world has given too many examples of these types unfortunately all too often. The entire situation is unfortunate and to reiterate the obvious, I feel the sorriest for his 10, 3 and 2 year old surviving children. I only hope he had a life insurance plan and they were his main beneficiaries and will be taken care of.

Still no matter what his deficiencies were, what we we feel we know about Chris or what we think we do, a man lost his life to the pain and grief of the people who knew him well and at the very least we ought respect that. R.I.P. to Mr. Henry.

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