Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Still Alive, Still Talking Shit

Sorry about the lack of updates. No I didn't die, though the question's begging to be asked that if I did die how would you all know? The answer being, well if I got off my ass and posted more regularly you'd know something happened to me because the posts would stop coming. This is why I need to get someone reliable, pithy, funny, interesting and who can be the Lamar Odom to my Kobe on this blog and come in from time to time and pick me up. I'm not even looking for a sidekick, just a third option would do.

Anyways basketball has all but consumed me all month with the Boston Celtics giving me heart attack after heart attack. I won't even go into the details but they better find a way to get it done today. I'm fairly certain that they will but if they don't a shitstorm awaits me and them in our own individual rights of course. They'll get it from the media and I'll have to hear about it from the relentless jerks I drape my life with. Which I can't be mad at because I'd serve in much the same capacity if they went all out over something or someone and were proven wrong. It's part of the game.

Oh well, regardless come Monday, I'll be back to posting regularly because by then the Celtics will either be done for the summer or they'll be facing the Cleveland Cavaliers which actually means they'll be done for the summer too so I can shift my attention to other things finally. Though it's a lot easier of a pill to swallow going out as one of the final four teams standing in late May then it is going out to Ron Jeremy's panicky little brother. Plus I'm just generally tired of the way people who know nothing fawn over Kevin Garnett and give no credit to Pierce & Co. as a very able group with or without The Big Ticket. If you're missing Kevin Garnett, Leon Powe and James Posey this year that you had last year when you won it all and still find yourself in the conference finals then it delegitimizes a ton of crazy talk of undervaluing Paul Pierce and the team that the media has been guilty of for a while now. Just a thought to consider.

Either way you'll see me again Monday and maybe even sooner (if everything turns out aces tonight) so don't jump ship on the site yet. Although oddly enough I have been experiencing huge hits this month despite my lack of posting. Maybe more is less? Maybe I'm T-Mac and my website is the Houston Rockets. His Aura Is Orange might be better off without me after all. *Sigh*....

[Damn he's annoying...]

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